What makes our Wolfvision wireless presentation systems unique?

Cynap Pure: Perfect wireless presentation for education and business

TECHBEE is one of the leading Wolfvision Wireless Presentation Partner in Dubai. Cynap Pure is a perfect system for a BYOD wireless presentation solution for your school, college, institution, or corporation.

Cynap Pure is the most widely used BYOD solution, with high-quality app-free, dongle-free on-screen presentations of all forms of information from any smartphone, laptop, or tablet in classrooms, huddle spaces, meeting and training rooms around the world.

Wolfvision Cynap Wireless Presentation in Dubai, UAE

This industry-leading BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”) solution features crystal clear 4K UHD quality, unrivalled ease of use, simultaneous display material from up to four devices, Windows Touchback capabilities, and unique professional implementation functions not found on other systems

Key features

No apps, no cables, no hassle

When sharing material wirelessly onto the screen from any smartphone, laptop, or tablet, we offer screen mirroring with AirPlay, Miracast, and Chromecast, so no apps, dongles, or additional software are necessary.

Remote management & administration

Our free vSolution Link Pro software allows for easy remote setup, monitoring, management, and updating of multiple systems in various locations.

Professional integration

Cynap Pure is easy to set up and utilise right away. For professional integration, settings are simple to configure and configurable API modules are available.

Free firmware, no license fees

Regular firmware upgrades add new features and improve your investment’s lifespan, allowing you to get the most out of your money.

Enterprise level security

Custom-built, closed Linux system with 100 percent wireless data encryption, IEEE802.1x authentication, and customizable security features to provide you with the level of security you need.

3 Years Warranty

The Cynap Pure and Pure Pro systems are covered by a three-year limited warranty.

You need more? Support for hybrid learning environments

In classroom and conference room settings, hybrid learning offers simultaneous teaching for both in-person and remote participants. WolfVision’s Cynap and Visualizer systems provide flexible options!

Regardless of an educational institution’s educational aims or students’ desires, Covid-19 may result in a portion of a class, or even entire classes, not being present in person for specific periods during the school year owing to quarantine or restriction measures. In cases when some students are physically in the classroom and others are attending online at the same time, effective planning is critical to guarantee that classes continue for all students.

Wireless technology for today – and for the future!

Wolfvision Wireless Presentation technologies are simple to comprehend and operate. They work with schools, colleges, universities, and corporations to provide high-quality, engaging classroom and meeting content from a variety of sources, encouraging engagement and providing a consistent experience for all attendees, whether in person or online.

Working and learning in new ways with Cynap solutions is more than just a reaction to the pandemic; it’s also a chance to improve how we communicate and collaborate in the long run.

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